“Sheffield writes elegantly without turning it into a depressing tale of love stolen away too soon. . . . Wry and sardonic, even in his suffering, he’s the tragic romantic who never gets overwrought.” 



“The finest lines ever written about rock ’n’ roll . . . Like that song on the radio, every word of Rob’s book is true. Love is a mix tape.” 

— Rolling Stone 


“Many of us use pop culture as a mirror of our emotional lives, but Sheffield happily walks right through the looking glass.” 

—Los Angeles Times


"This is a lightly-handed, skillful and sincere celebration of pop, of love, sad songs, bad songs and the long, nearly unbearable ache of being a young widower. Witty and wise; a true candidate for the All-Time Desert Island Top 5 Books About Pop Music." 

—Kirkus, *starred* review 


“A celebratory eulogy of life ‘in the decade of Nirvana.’” 

—Publishers Weekly, *starred* review 


“Sheffield's description of Renée’s brilliant eccentricity and lovable quirkiness causes the reader to fall in love with her just as he does.” 

—Library Journal, *starred* review 


"A glorious elegy to a pop culture-blessed decade and a tender, unforgettable tribute to the power of love." 

—The Miami Herald 


“Fun and funny, moving and unbearably sad, Sheffield's account. . .is reminiscent of Nick Hornby's novel High Fidelity.”